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My organic chemistry professor was sure he knew everything there was to know about paradox, orthodox and even metaphysicians.

However if I said I knew anything about paradox, then I would prove myself a liar. Believe me when I tell you this statement is a lie. For the one thing I do know is that I know nothing. With this premise in mind we are off to a good start. We all know that starting is half the battle.

Let’s get to the second half without further ado. It was just yesterday I joined this blockchain community and three years have passed since.
This may be a bit cruel but is necessary to show my kindness.
On the outside I seem very deep and understanding, but deep down, I’m actually really shallow.
But why believe me. I’m a compulsive liar.

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they use their money. The best way to make money is to spend money. Given current inflation the best way to save money is by spending it.

The first rule I go by is to ignore the rules. I am my own man when it comes to the mining pool.

When it comes to blogging you should know the cardinal rule that all bloggers are equal, but some bloggers are more equal than others. We can tell this by the amount of available voting power a blogger has. I don’t vote for those who don’t vote and haters will be hated.

Now that we’ve had some fun with my boring introduction let’s close our eyes so we can see the big picture.

Our story is still puzzling to me.

It was a case of missing funds or where’s Johnny?

A founding developer of MisterXCoin was simply called @misterx. It all began one Tuesday afternoon in 2011 when @misterx was tinkering with some code on his computer. He found the solution of how to implement the peer to peer interactions of the blockchain to a blockchain blog. That was the day MisterXCoin began.

@misterx was also a master salesman and invited thousands of people to his beta to enjoy an interactive blockchain blog based on peer to peer exchanges. He also on-boarded @johnnygoodboy who was an avid blogger.

@johnnygoodboy wanted to test the wallet transactions by sending exactly 1.01 MisterXCoin to @misterx but instead he found that he had sent 101 MisterXCoin to @misterx. So @johnnygoodboy pleaded with @misterx to refund 99.99 MisterXCoin to his account.

Then @misterx told @johnnygoodboy that he would refund the total amount only if @johnnygoodboy could guess correctly whether or not @misterx would return the funds.

@johnnygoodboy really had only one of two choices.
He could say:

  1. @misterx will refund the funds.
  2. @misterx will not refund the funds.

If @johnnygoodboy chooses number 1 and it is correct then there should be no problem.

If @johnnygoodboy chooses number 1 and it is incorrect and @misterx actually intended to keep the funds then according to his verbal agreement @misterx could keep the funds and not return them.

If @johnnygoodboy chooses number 2 and is correct then by verbal agreement @misterx must return the funds. It is true that @misterx has to return the funds, but in doing so breaks his word and contradicts @johnnygoodboy’s answer.

If @johnnygoodboy chooses number 2 and is incorrect and @misterx actually did intend to return the funds, then @misterx must keep the 99.99 MisterXCoin even though he intended not to, thereby also breaking his word.

@johnnygoodboy did choose number 2 and was incorrect.

@misterx had intended to send the funds back to @johnnygoodboy but now he was obliged by his agreement to keep the funds, but in keeping the funds he was breaking his own intention to send the funds back.

@misterx who had a bit of a greedy streak in him decided that he was right in keeping the funds although there was no logical solution. @johnnygoodboy burned with anger. He felt he had been cheated by the one person who invited him to the blockchain in the first place.

The anger and hatred in @johnnygoodboy never subsided. Some years later @johnnygoodboy found that he could travel through time. He wanted revenge on @misterx. So he went back to that moment in 2011. That Tuesday afternoon @misterx began tinkering with his computer and @johnnygoodboy came to @misterx’s door and invited @misterex for a game of tennis. The cruel thing he did to @misterx could not be mentioned but @misterx could never move his fingers again.

When @johnnygoodboy came home the first thing he did was try to log in to his MisterXCoin wallet but there was no wallet. Instead it said:

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