Curation Report , Best Tutorial for 12/1/2021

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Hello ,
I am back with another Curation report for blurtutorials.

Before I start i would like to tell that i have decided to make curation reports for only twice or thrice a week from next week.


So we curated 9 post on 12/1/2021 , people created post related to Tricks for Androids , gaming tutorial and also designing tutorials.

So for this day I personally really liked a tutorial that was created by @starryking , he taught us on how to merge two videos together.

Really nice , keep it up and continue creating Tutorials for our blurtorials 😊.


you can visit his profile to see his Tutorials.
he is regularly posting tutorials so i will recommend everyone who want to learn it should visit his profile.

That's where i end my report for the day.

Thank You

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I'm really grateful. Thanks a lot!
Up blurtutorials!