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Hola querida bendita. Es bueno ver su compromiso con la inversión y la curaduría. Estoy bastante seguro de que nunca te arrepentirás.

Hola querido amigo. Gracias por venir a mi publicación. Esta semana no pude dedicar tiempo en blurt.

Feliz Día :)

Kudos dear. Nice job!

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Hi @offgridlife,
I haven't signed up for noise yet ....
This week I have dealt with a personal problem and I have not had time to learn about that platform ... I hope to solve everything by the middle of next week and I will dedicate myself to learning on that platform and attending my blurt account.

Have a good day.

Nicely done. Thank you. An investment in self in this system is an investment in everyone here. :)

I dream of a day when a market can come here (something like LocalBitcoins) that will allow one to buy the Blurt direct from someone selling it for money. The hassle of using an approved exchange, then trading it on another exchange that holds Blurt is such a hassle, as well as worrying ones coin might get frozen by the exchange as happens way to much.