My Power up. "2,500 Blurt" (02-18-2021) - Mi Power up. "2.500 Blurt" (18-02-2021)

in blurtwomen •  4 months ago  (edited)

Greetings friends,

Saludos Amigos,

It's nice for me to be able to power up once more.

Es grato para mi poder hacer una vez más power up.


Today my power up is 2500 Blurt.

Hoy mi power up es de 2500 Blurt.



This is possible thanks to the support in my publications and I want to thank all those beautiful people who support me.


Esto es posible gracias al apoyo en mis publicaciones y quiero agradecerle a todas esa lindas personas que me apoya.



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That means you ll be getting 2500 more splash now 👌

I don't have a whaleshare account :( They were never approved it.

PowerUp seems to be in fashion right now ;-) Congratulations!

yeah jajaja.

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