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Lying on a metal hospital bed with white fitted sheets, wearing the Cebu Maternity given labor dress, a sleep and rest order was given to me by my OBGYN but I couldn't get to sleep. Perhaps it was due to the face mask which I had been wearing for five hours now or maybe because I was anxious about the pain which I will soon feel once my water breaks or maybe it was because I was sad I didn't get to deliver my baby on the 24th of July.


I was admitted at 6 PM, it was my weekly checkup but I ended up in the delivery room. I was at 5cm. The resident doctors at the Cebu Maternity Hospital were concerned that my tummy was big, thanks to all the carbs that I ate the past months. They think I needed a C Section in case, I prayed hard that won't happen.

At 11 PM, my OBGYN arrived, she did an internal evaluation and said I was still at 5 PM. I was given some fluids and they monitored my contractions. I didn't feel any pain at all at that time. There was no progress at that time so I was advised to sleep and get some rest.

At 2 AM, I was still awake, I sat at the edge of the bed, there was another patient opposite my bed and she was crying every now and then. My OBGYN caught me still awake and told me I definitely need rest so I could push my baby. I honestly told her I couldn't sleep while all the nurses on duty were snoring around (lol).

At 3 AM, she re-evaluated me, I was already 6cm. At 5 AM, the resident doctor checked me up, and without saying anything, she took a huge metal thing which looked like a scissor, inserted it on my below and I felt water rushing down. I then realized, she had popped my water bag! By that time, I started to feel the pain that I couldn't understand.


This means breathe, I enrolled in a growing baby class in May and I learned how to breathe properly and how to set my mind to the beautiful creature whom I will be meeting soon, that there's a reason for my pain and I should just endure the labor pains, continue breathing and relax. I also decided not to cry and thank God I didn't. Thank God my OBGYN was like a mother to me, she managed my back, allowed me to lean on her, and assured me that I am making progress.

At 9 AM, I was already 8cm and I already had the urge to push, I asked my OBGYN if I could and she allowed me to do it one leg at a time as a practice, she also did the countdown. It was the most painful thing that I had ever gone through and I think I don't want to go through that again.

At 11 AM, I was already ready to deliver the baby, I was almost out of energy too and It's already 17 hours since I have eaten. I missed my husband too! But this time, I have to just get my baby out and meet him.

At the delivery room, I pushed about three times with some help from the resident doctors who did a fundal push. Matti's head was already visible and they joked that I should do a long push as his head is already about to get out. I pushed hard and I think I fainted as I can't recall what commenced after that. I was only awakened by my baby's cry. It was soft and sweet and my OBGYN told me he's on my chest. I couldn't see him clearly but I could feel his weight and I tried holding him but he was waving his arms around and crying.

The nurses took him and weighed him. Four-point five kilos!


It amazes me that by God's grace, I was able to deliver him after 17 hours of waiting and 6 hours of excruciating pain. It was worth every pain indeed.

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Grats! Best wishes for your baby and to your family. He is so cute!