Cameron Highlands Spa

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There is no doubt, the best luxury hotel here in Cameron Highlands is Cameron Highlands Resort, and their delightful spa is just another conformation for this statement. After all, even if you are not the resident of the resort, it is worth to give them a visit. Especially after long jungle trekking or to cool down from hot Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading our Cameron Highlands Spa review and see how lovely this spa is.

Cameron Highlands Resort
Cameron Highlands Resort is not tempting only because of their accommodation. Their Cameron Highlands Spa is worth visit by itself.


Colonial style continues throughout the Cameron Highlands Resort Spa, while the open design effortlessly connects you to nature. Inevitably it begins with an open-air arrival, but the sounds of running water and singing jungle birds do triumph. It is the connection between outside and inside that brings a unique feel to the experience.

Spa Village Cameron Highlands
The connection between outside and inside bring unique feel to the experience.

Spa Village Cameron Highlands

Spa Village is famous for recognizing surroundings and combining it with local traditions in the spa treatments. We have mentioned before the rock stars of Cameron Highlands; strawberries and tea. Both splendidly entangle English roots into beauty treatment. So do the roses and mint, which can be extended by various ala carte treatments.

chrysanthemum in water
Beautiful flower arrangements are all around the Cameron Highlands Resort Spa

Don’t miss the healing therapies that are based on ancient knowledge of the local indigenous people! Even though the life of the native, Orang Asli people took a “modern” turn, some knowledge has been preserved. Well, not just preserved, but put in action via the Semai treatment for her and him.

Spa resting area
The indoor resting area is very cozy.

Cameron Highlands Resort Spa Review

Tea & More

After meeting the charming receptionist, we found ourselves sipping chamomile tea under the outdoor gazebo. There we filled up the spa questionnaire while appreciating the tranquilizing view.

Tea at Spa
We began our Spa Village experience with a cup of chamomile tea.

Tea Bath

You’ll get sarong regardless of the therapy you choose because you’ll need it to enter the tea bath. Show respect and keep the sarong on as long as you are in the company. Only when you’ll be alone, you can take advantage of the privacy and unwind. Enjoy the benefits of a warm bath filled with black tea’s antioxidants. Keep in mind that the skin has to be clear to absorb the nutrients. Therefore, the Spa Village Cameron Highlands Resort provides sugar scrub for the whole body. You can apply it freely by yourself and continue with the use of eye mask and lime slices for areas with hard skin. 

tea bath
A strong black tea bath offers many benefits to the body and the mind.

Chill Time 

After the warm bath, we stopped outside to cool down with a heated neck pillow. We felt incredibly relaxed during our time in the fresh air and excited about the upcoming massage. Before entering the massage room, we got a new set of heated towels to accompany us on the short walk. 

Spa Garden
Listening to the running water while soaking in the tea bath was very relaxing.

Traditional Malay Massage

We loved the long kneading strokes down the muscles with incorporated acupressure. Surely the massage worked wonders on our relaxed body due to the soothing motion alone. However, the Malay tradition includes plant support next to the action. The healing spice combination invigorates circulation while it helps to detoxify the body. At first, I was concerned about the possible unpleasant smell of garlic and onion in massage oil, but my doubts were put to rest with citronella and cinnamon in the blend. The finish of our pampering time couldn’t be nicer; quick wipe of our feet with a hot towel for excess oil absorption. 

cameron highlands spa
Vivi is ready for the traditional Malay massage here at Cameron Highlands Spa


Each treatment is possible as an individual experience or in a company of a loved one, except Ala Carte Experience. We loved sharing the extremely pleasant experience at the Cameron Highlands spa and came out feeling light as a feather and rejuvenated. We highly recommend visiting Cameron Highlands Spa, after hiking in the what is left from Cameron Highlands jungle. There shouldn’t be any excuses for the spa; everyone deserves to be spoiled here and there.

Cameron Highlands Resort spa
You'll find privacy outside and inside the Spa Village premises.

Cameron Highlands Spa Review Card

  • 9.5/10
    ATMOSPHERE – 9.5/10
  • 9.6/10
    OFFER – 9.6/10
  • 9.5/10
    MASSAGE – 9.5/10
  • 9.7/10
    RELAXATION ROOM – 9.7/10
  • 9.4/10
    VALUE – 9.4/10
TOTAL: 9.6/10

Price & Location

The 80 minute Malay massage therapy costs about 80 USD per person. Here is a link to the location of Cameron Highlands Resort in case you don't know where it is. Enjoy your massage keep loving yourself!

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