Morning 🖤

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Morning 🖤

What do you drink in the morning? (except water, of course)

I have coffee ☕️ Good spring morning and have a nice day! ☀️🌷

We drank coffee, we will soon be going to the beach, later I will send you photos from the trip. Now I just want to enjoy the trip, because we went for 4 days, time passes very quickly, tomorrow is the last day, it's a pity, I've been waiting for this trip for so long. Well, I really miss home, I am a very domestic person. I love travel, but mentally I'm always at home, and besides, I miss my cat. She is sad there alone at home. Of course they come to feed her and pour water, but I know that she misses, she is not used to being at home alone.

But nothing, a little more and we will go home, I will hug my cat)

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Oh yes, coffee is essential in the morning, without doubt!

Yes. At least 2 coffee every morning. With 10% cream and Maple Syrup.