Cat Update

in cats •  6 days ago 

Hi Friends,

I am happy to report that the six week old kittens are doing well.

Mom and kittens are living by our back porch and get lots of attention, not to mention food, shelter and water. Here they are playing around:



They are still a little skittish, but getting more confident and comfortable around people every day. As a special treat, we open a can of wet food about once every two days and let them have an extra special meal, which they all go crazy for.

Its been fun having them around, but they are getting closer to the age they can leave their mother. We are trying to figure out if we should find them all homes, keep one or two, or what - no decisions have been made, but it has been funny telling people we are coming out of the pandemic with 5 new cats - they think we went crazy or something!

Thanks for coming by,

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