This Tuesday morning I tried to clean the small road || 04-05-2021🌍🌏 ||

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@cleanplanet - 04/05/2021

Hello friends.How are you all.I hope everybody is well.Today is Tuesday 04 May 2021 (আজ মঙ্গলবার ০৪ মে ২০২১).I hope you're having a great day.And I am also good.And welcome back to my another @cleanplanet walk.

Friends, today I tried to clean up polluted garbage from a road.Basically that is a small road beside to our house.Many people in our neighborhood use that road.So this morning I was walking down that road.While walking I saw some polluted garbage on that road.Then I collected that polluted garbage from raod and threw it in the dustbin.I made a video while collecting garbage from the road.I shared the video with you here.In the video you will see the road cleaning mission this morning.

Friends you know I always try to clean up polluted garbage from nature and environment.So I would say, Let us all protect our nature and environment.

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