Coursera Blockchain Courses Available Now

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Just came across this:
Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization. Run by INSEAD on Coursera.

This is one of their Specialisation courses, which means if you need a certificate (to wave to an employer) you'll need to pay a fee. But, if you go through it quickly, you get one week for free!

It does look fairly basic, but then again, I suspect many people more or less know what they are doing but would benefit from more fully understanding what goes on "under the hood".

I've often downloaded videos from other courses to use in the classroom, so if you are onboarding people or promoting blockchain and crypto adoption, then you may also find some ready-made materials.

You may also be interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, run by Princeton.

You can also find other courses by searching "cryptocurrency".

Anyway, it's all either FREE-to-try or TOTALLY FREE!

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I have a subscription to and they also have a course on cryptocurrency.

have a look at your HE-Wallet

Ooh! There was a nice surprise in there!

When Brilliant started, I had a similar site doing tricky maths problems. I never signed up for the paid version.

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