Shilling Bitcoin by the Watt

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These people are all passengers on the Ship of Fools - maybe navigators. This white paper is another manifestation of their insanity.

Bitcoin is Key to an Abundant, Clean Energy Future

Let me paraphrase: Bitcoin mining is an electricity sink, so by increasing its capacity it will encourage more efficient energy production and storage. Do you see the flaw?

There is also one huge ghost in the room that would actually take far too long to explain, but there are genuinely clean sources of energy that continue to be suppressed. Just do some of your own research on the long and painful history of zero-point energy.

Even ignoring that future, mining is not an energy distribution system as mining centres are currently very localised and hence cannot buy the cheapest available electricity without physically moving. In order for that to work, then miners would need to be nimble, such as background mining on millions of computers around the world.

Some 50 years ago, Buckminster Fuller stated that we already had the technology for an abundant world, and that the very first thing that needed to be decentralised was energy - more specifically, electrical energy. Has that happened?

Energy is Power.

Having almost eradicated any dissenting voices from their garbage media pipelines, you can see here the globalist shills coming to the support of this flimsy paper. You may feel a bit weak after giving blood, but you would feel better if we took even more blood from you. That works.

To close, here is a curated list of other articles on Bitcoin and "the environment" - really means electricity.

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It is a topic of concern for sure. I don't like how centralized the mining of Bitcoin is so I have opted for the more decentralized ETH mining on a small personal scale. That still takes a large amount of electricity though and our current dependency on fossil fuels for energy is the biggest stick in the spokes for the planet.

Energy is power for sure and it is the governmental bodies which control that strictly for capital gains. All of the old money is in oil so you can see them legislating rules (putting up barriers) to sustain that investment.

I don't think making the problem bigger is the best way to motivate people to have to solve it. Decentralizing currency is amazing and can empower the individual for sure. Creating further issues for the environment along that path is not sustainable and I am simply looking forward to innovations that come in blockchain and personal wealth to be turned toward better power generation abilities which don't mortgage our future.

Great stuff again Rycharde!

So much of the world still runs on 19th century tech! Much hitech is merely there to make the low-tech appear more efficient - the truth is, human dev is being stunted for the sake of profits and control.

Even a nuclear reactor is just a sophisticated kettle that turns a turbine! Although in this case, the primary output is weapons-grade material ;-)

Electromagnetism is both the freedom and the prison - who controls the frequencies controls the world :-)

Thanks for your comment. Worth reading Bucky Fuller - I think of him as the grandpa of decentralisation.

It is not surprising that governments such as the Venezuelan government have decided to regulate mining in this country in an extreme way, leading to implement registers of miners, a special pool and even to confiscate mining machines that somehow do not meet certain import requirements, but more than the fear for bitcoin, is to understand that electricity in Venezuela is very cheap, which led to a disproportionate growth in certain parts of the country reaching to overload the energy banks, to complete the national electricity system is collapsed. Despite not being against mining, logic indicates that due to its high consumption of electricity and the possible saturation of the national electrical system, the Venezuelan state decided to regulate mining.

That's both sad but also understandable. The "solution" in the above whitepaper suggests the VZ gov should just invest more in cheaper electricity! It could do, but not so the people starve while the machines work for very few investors.

A truly decentralised solution is for every home to gen electricity - but many power companies don't like that as it removes their control-power-status.

Energy is very cheap not only since now, but for many years. Part of the problem was corruption, upgrades, repairs and maintenance that never happened. The current electrical grid is saturated, in recent years we experienced a national blackout of a full week. Wind turbine farms were purchased that never worked and the equipment was even stolen.

Well what can I tell you? I think that the white paper is correct and I see no evidence of zero point energy.

But that could mean because the man has blinders on me.


so which part exactly do you think is correct?

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