In search for some crypto news, I found ThunderSwap Finance

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It's really amazing how DeFi platforms spread like wildfire in the crypto space.


I came across ThunderSwap through a post in LeoFinance which prompted me to check about this relatively new DeFi platform. I didn't even read through the whole post but I already jumped into searching for the website. I found it here:

It's relatively new and was listed in Coingecko about 2 weeks ago.


It's currently on its ATH and so the APRs are on the high levels. What's noticeable about the pools are the stablecoin options that are still bearing some good APRs.

Right now, $DAI is the one that has the best APR at 434.50%


So much return for staking a stablecoin, IMO it's the safest way to pool a token. No impermanent loss to consider and the only potential loss would be the Transaction and Deposit fees. But considering the amount of $DAI tokens to put in then those fees could be gained back in no time. That's something to benefit from this kind of new DeFi platform.

With a quick look, the TNDR:BUSD & TNDR:BNB farm pools are promising the most returns. However, bear in mind that these pools may incur some form of permanent loss as soon as one of the token's price go down.


So, how do we say that it's different from other DeFi platforms in BSC?

It's not different from others. It's obviously a fork of its predecessors. But one thing that I like about ThunderSwap is the way they stitch what other platforms are good at and include it as features for their own platform. One thing that is noticeable is the Lottery feature.

I actually, made a post visualizing what if Cub DeFi will also add a Lottery feature? It could have burned many more $Cub tokens while the users stay engaged with the platform. The lottery is big in Pancake Swap which is giving the $Cake tokens more use.

And then here on ThnderSwap as well:


The users seem to be enjoying it.

Anyway, it may be too early or too late for me to jump into ThurnderSwap. And if I will take the jump anytime soon, I may venture through the Stablecoin Pools!



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