If you trust your device and feel secure about it, you should consider a software wallet.

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Every trusted software wallet provides a backup, which allows you to restore your private keys if needed. In case you lose access to your phone or PC because the device is broken, lost, or stolen, this is very important.
Such a backup usually contains 12 to 24 words, respectively. The most common names for this backup are “Backup Phrase”, “Recovery Phrase”, “Seed Phrase” or simply “Seed”, for short. It’s all about the idea that you might restore your access to the wallet to another new PC or mobile phone, therefore, to gain access to coins.
Once you have called the backup job in your software wallet, you will see the words in the correct order. Do not take a screenshot or save words electronically in any other way, but remove the prepared paper and write down all the words by hand. After that, make sure you have stored your seeds inside the software

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