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How many of you are experiencing the first major correction on your investments? I hope you are not in a panic mode right now because many are saying that BTC would even drop to around 40k. It will definitely affect the majority of altcoins.

I'm not really sure if my holdings are diversified enough but it seems that many of my coins are holding up. While some of my coins are around 50% on the downside price level. There is still a good balance between my losses and winnings at this point but it's not something that I wanted to happen before the end of this bull market.

Although many are suggesting that the current bull run is far from over, I think that it's yet to be realized.

What are you doing in this current dip?

As much as I wanted to buy more coins during this dip, I think I already reach a point that I don't want to expose myself to more risks.

If in the case that none of the coins that I hold would regain its ATH or achieve a new height then I will be glad to keep them staked until the right time comes. That's the beauty of acquiring coins that has a long-term prospect. For as long as the core team keeps building or developing for the project then the community that is backing it will never be at a loss.

I don't know how short-term investing would work on my end or how would I greatly benefit from it. For me, what works is going long-term on my investments.


Early this year, I bought 3 coins from the Cosmos Hub and these are ATOM, AKT, & DVPN. All of these coins are POS. All of these coins are rapidly building as well.

In these projects, the pros outweigh the risks of the falling price.

For AKT & DVPN holders, we are benefiting from the high staking rewards since we are still early on the distribution phase. I have garnered enough AKTs & DVPNs during this season that if I simply compound the rewards then I would double my current coin holdings in 2 years.

If the next bull run will happen 4 years from now then I would quadruple my stakes by that time. I would imagine that these coins would reach new heights in terms of price by that time as well.

Why is that?

I believe the increasing adoption rate will definitely put AKT & DVPN on the top coins in the next season.

If DeFi made this current bull market interesting then DWeb will be the next big thing in the next season!

Very Important before you invest

NFA: Not Financial Advice!

DYOR: Do Your Own Research!

IAYOR: Invest At Your Own Risk!


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But BTC crashed some 50% back in March 2020. Have people forgotten already? Maybe that's what caused the toilet paper shortage in some countries.