Some moments of collecting golden paddy of farmers' dreams from the field

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Summer is in progress and the Bengali calendar is the month of Baishakh. Paddy has started ripening in extreme heat and sun. In the heat of the sun, the green paddy has ripened and turned golden. That is, farmers and nature lovers are intoxicated by the smell of new paddy all around.





Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Rice is the main food of the people of this country. Therefore, paddy is cultivated in every part of the country. Paddy seedlings are usually planted in September-October of each year and new paddy is collected at this time of the year. This moment of paddy collection is truly extraordinary and captivating. During this time, when you go to every part of Bangladesh, you can see the paddy being collected and boiled and dried in the sun. Which carries a unique beauty of rural Bengal.

As the farmers are happy with the arrival of new paddy, so are the workers. As a result of the farmers working hard at the specified time, now it is the turn of raising new paddy. At the same time, it is the turn of the workers to earn money by working on that paddy land. So both are happy with the arrival of new paddy.

Both the farmers and the workers are happily collecting ripe paddy. The golden sheaf of boro paddy is showing the dream of the farmer family across the vast field. Even in the scorching heat, ripe paddy is swaying in the wind. In this situation, the farmers have started the rice harvesting festival with colorful dreams. Even in the heat of the day, there is no sign of fatigue in the minds or eyes of the farmers, but there is an impression of joy.






This time there was no rain from the beginning to the end of paddy cultivation. So the farmers were completely dependent on irrigation. There was some dehydration in the canals due to prolonged drought. So there was a reflection of thought in the minds of the farmers. Because water is very important for paddy cultivation. But the lands could not be given enough water. So the farmers were worried whether their crop yield is good! However, despite the drought, there is a good yield of paddy in every land at present. So the impression of happiness in the minds of the farmers can be clearly noticed.

So now the farmers and laborers have started working in a row to cut the paddy and collect the paddy. It's like a new festival. Intoxicated with joy all around. Again, many workers are playing different types of songs with joy in their minds while harvesting paddy.

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