featuring beautiful nusa flowers, chicken comb flowers, and other flowers

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for now I show some flowers. including beautiful nusa flowers, combs, and other flowers. okay, without further ado I will immediately display it.

beautiful nusa flowers



beautiful nusa flowers have quite large trees. about 2 meters high. and has very thick flowers. This flower is not only red, but there is white. many people around say this flower has benefits such as reducing fever, food poisoning, laryngitis, and others. in my opinion this flower is very useful if preserved. besides beautiful, but also can cool the weather and has benefits for treatment.

The second flower is the chicken comb / joker comb



I do not know the reason why this flower is often mentioned chicken comb. are there any similarities? in my opinion no. This flower is not only red, but there is a yellow color. the tree has a height of almost 1 meter. I photographed it in the yard of someone else's house.

interest that I don't know the name of.



what do you think is this flower? is this like a paper flower. ? I do not know the name of this flower. if you know it, please let me know in the comments.

only 3 types of flowers that I show today. I hope you like it.

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