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So I recently wrote about the "fragile things" that should be handled with care by shipping companies. I had mentioned about my order which has been pending for more than a week now. It should been delivered last Monday, and I even received an email message from the online shopping app apologizing for the delay.

There's an order tracking section on the app, and my parcel is actually stuck in the logistics hub in our province for four days already. Wondering why it stayed there long. Two days is fine with me, but three days or four seems like they're letting the parcel rot in their warehouse.

I already got to contact the customer service both on the app and Twitter, and so far, they are responsive. They gave me at least 24 to 48 hours for an update, which is quite long to me. What bothers me is the email stated that there's a possibility it will be cancelled. So we cannot expect to get our orders?

Going to shops nowadays isn't easy because of the rising number of Covid19 cases. Thus, we are relying in online shopping apps which are expected to deliver orders on time. I understand we had holidays few days back, but seeing there's no update for days is worrying.

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