Tremor (Freewrite Challenge)

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It's several minutes before 4pm, we got home from the school. We're so yound then, and watching TV as we used to. We're on the floor of the second floor of the house. Suddenly, a tremor was felt. I am not sure what's the shaking. I don't even know why as I am unaware of it. I just learned it's an earthquake. There are after shocks even early in the morning.

No classes, and we stayed at home for weeks. When we are finally allowed to go back to school, I noticed the roads has cracks, and we avoid them. The ground is messy when it's raining. In school, an earthquake was felt again but it stopped after several seconds.

The earthquake is one of the most devastating, and it killed a lot of people. I remember this person on the news who was stuck under the debris for days, and has to live through the water from the rain. The earthquake mentioned happened in 1990, and it has shakened several provinces.

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