📷Cryptocurrencies to food not delivered by bots yet | 加密货币和尚未通过机器人送来的食物😎(by @ace108)

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On a good Friday morning 🌄, watching Channel News Asia and they displaying price movement of BTC and ETH but not Binance today. Instead they are showing Dogecoin and XRP for #marketfriday by @dswigle

🎶Meanwhile, some music for you to enjoy as you read. This piece is part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, particular the first of the 4 violin concertos, called Spring.
🎶让大家继续读的时候,欣赏一点音乐。这件作品是维瓦尔第的“四季”的一部分 - 4小提琴协奏曲中的第一首,名为“春天”。
Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/

Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/music/2213/antonio-vivaldi/the-four-seasons/
Basel is calling for more regulation and I guess that means making it more legal when El Salvador already announced it is legal. It should be an interesting weekend.

The lady was having a meeting most of the morning. I went food panda to look for food to order despite them screwing up and messing my order again and again. I decided to order from Eat Bar, a rather new stall in a coffeeshop I bought food from recently.
太太在早上大部分时间都会开了。我去了Food Panda网上找食物,尽管他们最近再次搞砸了我的订单。我决定从吃霸订购,我在最近是在他们在咖啡店里新的摊位买过食物。

Scheduled for delivery before noon and thank goodness, the food came.

This is the first time I had carrot cake fried with luncheon meat but my wife said cannot really taste the luncheon meat. So, not woth paying additional for the luncheon meat next time.

The fried hokkien mee was good. Both cost more than if I were to go there and buy. On top of that, I had to pay more than 3 bucks for delivery. Luckily, I bought a $10 from Lazada for $9.05 and save a bit of money.

Later, I saw a news I saw from TODAY. Maybe in future when I walked outside, I'm less likely to be hit by a delivery person. Food Panda is trying bots for delivery. Well, no bot brought my food here. Read the news here:Foodpanda to use robots to deliver food in NUS, NTU and PunggolThe trial at NUS will use autonomous vehicles, which can hold up to 100 bento boxes and serve as mobile convenience stores during off-peak hours.
Source :🤖 https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/foodpanda-use-robots-deliver-food-nus-ntu-and-punggol?cid=telegram_tg-single_social-free_26012019_today
后来,我看到TODAY的新闻。也许将来在到外走的时候,不会被送餐货人员撞倒。Food Panda已经开始试用机器人送餐。看看那消息。
来源: 🤖 https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/foodpanda-use-robots-deliver-food-nus-ntu-and-punggol?cid=telegram_tg-single_social-free_26012019_today

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