Feel Me

in poetry •  12 days ago 
  • We got everything with the perfect service of our karma, now is the time to wake up and do something more for ourselves. I am looking for happiness in all the places that are available to me in imagination, I feel your views that bring me to a high level of emotions.

  • We pass with feelings through the fire and intuition of love, you asked me to become your best friend. The magic of beauty plays unique notes on the waves of your frequencies, we have become untouchable for soft touches and romantic nights.

  • I do not want to cry for your loyalty, I love you honestly and it's the maximum energy of love. Some other place may be perfect for us, but we have to pass this short route alone. Friends must remain, friends, I love you. I feel you in all the rhythms of life, I see the light of the magnificent love that was born.

  • Move the borders and take off the illusion with your eyes, do not you see that I love you to the end of the universe. Make a passage through your ozone layer and hug me, we spread out with free minds that conquer the heart.

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