Life 💚

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Life 💚

Life is a gift to us from some unknown superpower who created us and left us here on this earth.

Life is a mystery. We do not know why we are here and what happens to us after we die.

We hardly know anything about our creator and almost nothing about the universe.

It's a strange puzzle that never gets solved and these questions never produce any satisfactory answers.

But we learn to move on from these questions and find meaning in life.

I think the purpose of our life is not to ask questions and not to try to find answers but to find meaning in everything mundane chores and rituals.

I am a year older today and I am not any wiser than I was last year. But I have lived a year and I know now how to be loyal, to be caring, to let all my frustrations go and I know that peace in life comes from acceptance of us mistakes.

I am grateful to the one who created me. I am thankful to the one who forgave me and I am forever indebted to the ones who trust in me and believe in my ideas.

Life is all about thanking people all around us and life is all about appreciating the time we have on this earth.

Thank you 😊

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