The Christian way has not changed for millennia

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I am often amazed at the diversity of this faith that Christians benefit from. But, typically, we do not resort to full powers given to us because we are wrong on the side of the power of the world.

We are never too far from the claws of the world's power because we are in and around the world. We are not supposed to be, but on this common day of postmodernism, we are. Even the most ardent Christians live in a world in which the world infiltrates all activities, by many forces, and not least by the "apparatus" to be mentioned.

Who would have thought that the term "the apparatus " would be so relevant because of the challenge of our faith and our lives? Despite its intrinsic well-being, the device is behind a multiplicity of social and personal dysfunctions. And again, we can no longer use the device?

The main function of the Christian faith is to present humanity by the way of return to God, the Father, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Our sins were redeemed through the cross and his resurrection, and because he defeated death, we vindicated his life. His resurrection power is ours through the Holy Spirit.

It's a fact of Christian doctrine.

But there is a widespread basis in terms of the marginal benefits of working in the Christian life. Everything revolves around the word faith. And if we convert the word faith from a noun into a verb, we realize that all the forces under the sky are ours.

Since they "believe" all kinds of interaction with our world, going against the flow of the way of the world, in fact acting in a very different way, being counter-intuitive and against, the power works with us while exercising our faith.

But the necessary milestone of our faith, the person, and the work of Jesus Christ must be revealed through us.

This means that faith through death has an effect on itself and cannot work.

That sounds terrible to the uninitiated. Only those who have the Holy Spirit who trusted Jesus in the first step and trust Jesus enough to have seen his fruits in himself, as they died for themselves, apply to such faith that he has the power to win the world without talking about the staff N Siam or in conflict with.

What should be trivial among Christians today is so rare because we live in such a real age. Once again we were attracted to our culture.

The Christian way has not changed for millennia. The same wisdom that was pronounced even before Jesus came to work through us, that we commit ourselves to operate within their borders. The same wisdom for the world feels like a doormat is God's wisdom for the reconciliation of all relationships.

We are not defeated in this life by the appearance of people, but we have experienced in this life because we have surpassed ourselves.

The Power of God in us is a work within, and there can be no power within. And the power within cannot be negotiated wherever he is proud. God cannot exist there.

The Christian faith that we invite to practice in faith has the power to save us, not especially because we influence others, but above all, because we influence ourselves.

Only when Jesus reigns in us do we have the power of life he loves to need without reward.

When we go to this power, we already have everything that matters.

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Very true... Have you ever read his words in Aramaic or Hebrew ? As they were originally written ?
It’s very beautiful...

Thank you for stopping by,
Indeed very beautiful.
I realized the power of Almighty when I got Covid19 positive almost 14 days ago. The only strength you derive and keep you kicking is the ultimate hope and it's there.
Blurt On!

Every now and then I go on to YouTube to listen to the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. I have been studying Hebrew and Aramaic for a few years now so that I can read the original words of Jesus ... Yeshu ha Notzri .... Jesus the Nazarene, (Branch of David) to better understand his teachings.

the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved it is the power of God.

The only way to truly forgive is through the cross.

What does "I'm sorry" really mean if no one pays the price?