What is the clearest indication of psychological well-being?

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I'm mentally ill, maybe the question? Every healthy person learns to ask this question as well as the paradox of health and ill-health.

Now let's be clear on what this paradox is all about. Let me use you as an example. The moments when I was most mentally ill, emotionally, spiritually, I missed something very important-something critical to health. I didn't have the ability to see that I was not healthy, and maybe others knew. I'm sure they did. I could have suspected that something was wrong, but at the time I could not have identified it. In the end, I could, and when I did, I would be at the forefront of healing.

What is the clearest indication of psychological well-being?


It's like being in a mental health hospital facility. The main indicator of psychiatrists is looking. Can the person perceive reality? Am I? Is there greatness? Of course, the purpose of admitting people in these hospitals is to give them time and treatment to get back to reality-to receive information.

He is a scary individual who has no intuition. However, the narcissist is the one who seems to be bien-jusqu'à what he approaches but has a great lack of knowledge. They cannot see a single defect in themselves. And they can only finally agree that they have something to change when they see that there is some advantage that just seems humble.

Now it's dangerous. To see you so unequivocally superior to others is bad for everyone. It cannot be corrected if necessary, and others are not recognized for the goodness and attributes they have.

However, the person who knows sees the faults in itself and has an abundance of humility to be able to see the evil, the error, the mistakes they commit; That we all do every once in a while. They are not afraid of exposure because they see what is wrong and they see that it is easy to serve and solve the problem.

There is the paradox in all its glory: whoever thinks that he is perfect is unimaginably dangerously imperfect, because they do not see his guilt, but whoever sees his imperfections could also be perfect for human purposes.

If you want to know if you are healthy, do you have the ability to honest?

Can you see what you need to be able to see? Not just for you, but for others, too.

Now we can see that there are illnesses of anxiety and depression that are expressed in many respects, but they do not manifest themselves in a lack of honesty. Comparatively, mental health is less of a problem, although there is a lot of pain with which the person must have problems. That is not to say that your poor mental health is less important. In fact, many times people may suffer from poor mental health because someone close to them has had a narcissistic impact on them.

People who suffer from depression and anxiety can often still have good relationships. Even with comparatively poor mental health, they can often function in such a way that others are relatively benefactors. They can often find ways to live well despite what they suffer, which is an incredibly stimulating reality.

We see here that good mental health is not only about the struggles we are experiencing in our lives; It is also the way we treat others. Mental health that negatively affects other people is a serious concern because of how people can get hurt. Of course, there is, on the other hand, also the question of how suicide hurts the people left behind. He can never be discreet.

Or, maybe we can see it that way: the person who can not have pain, but has problematic relationships and in fact may seem happy, even powerful, perhaps more mentally ill than the person who suffers a lot of pain but serves and loves others until the end of good relations.

The person who constantly puts others first has better mental health in the end than the person who has no interest or capacity for others.

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I think mental health is not a small issue today and the more self centered and self absorbed people become the more difficult it will be to maintain mental health. This is the paradox. We need other people to be healthy, but other people drive us crazy.

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