How to start follow JK life style and fit your body and mind?

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While the term "object to faith is far beyond argument" is not accepted by many, it is scientifically proven and tested by many people. But then faith no longer sits in the place of disbelief, nor is there any room for questioning its acceptability.

I was talking about the diet given by Dr. Jahangir Kabir Sir. You may have seen from the mouths of many people or by watching Sir's videos that you are a diabetic patient, controlling diabetes without medication and obese people have become healthy by reducing obesity in a very short period of time, but many of you are afraid to go on a diet.

Because there is a fixed idea in your brain, and that is that from two to three years after birth, where our eating habits have developed on rice, bread, fish, meat, living without rice bread is like a mad delirium. But this entrenched idea or tradition, when some people break it like a piece of glass at the suggestion of Sir, may be replaced by faith in your mind. And this is my writing for them.
Promise, patience, and endurance are the three things you need to do before you start your diet.

The promise is that you have to have such an attitude, I have to be able to. Why can't I do what ten people can do?
Each subject requires some patience. You can't lose ten kilograms of weight in one day or get ten years of diabetes under control in one day. For this you need to be patient, practice and follow the following points.
And that is tolerance. The initial rebuke or reluctance will come from your family, relatives, friends or people in the society and it is tolerance to accept it with a smile. Many people will say a lot of things, it is wise to avoid them, but when you are successful, you will be an idol to them. Everyone will then line up for advice from you.
So let's explain in detail how to start a diet without exaggerating. I hope you will read the issues carefully and try to obey. All that I am mentioning is taken from various videos and interviews of Dr. Jahangir Kabir Sir.



Everything made of rice (rice, rice bread, rice products)
Everything made from wheat (bread, bread, biscuits of any kind, other solids made from wheat)
No type of pulses can be eaten
Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tree potatoes or other potatoes resembling potatoes, which are sugary vegetables such as radishes.
Also can not be eaten
Sugar and sugar products are everything in the world.
Yogurt, sour yogurt, milk and direct milk.
Honey, and sweet fruits should not be eaten. (I will explain later why it cannot be eaten.
Soybean oil, sunflower oil, rice ban oil, canola oil, and anything cooked in ordinary oil should not be eaten.

Farm chickens, chickens that are fed food produced from tannery waste are fed soy. Beef, which is fattened by injection. Khasio Sem.
Greens, vegetables (carrots, sweet pumpkin [young green] in small quantities)
Sour fruit. For example: olive, mango, a young coconut water.
Fish, you can eat any type, but oily native fish include pangas, boal, hilsa sarpunti, brigade, grass carp, baim (preferably oily or sea fish).
Beef and mutton can be eaten, but cows or calves that are injection-free and reared on grass, leaves or hay can not be eaten in large quantities.
Cows, or goat legs can be eaten. Which is very beneficial at this time to eat it should also be eaten in small quantities.
Chicken eggs (no problem if you are a farm, but better if you have omega 3 or domestic chicken or laughter).
Ghee, organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil, organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil (these are all available in good shops) but it is better to make it yourself.
Any type of nut. Peanuts, almonds, pesto nuts, other nuts that you have, you can blend the nuts with the above mentioned coconut oil to make peanut butter which is incomparable to eat but eat less.
Color tea or coffee milk without sugar. You can mix lemon, ginger and a little salt with green tea. With coffee, you can make MCT oil, butter or ghee, and organic coconut oil to make butter coffee, it will work well.

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