How to install ENVE 2D Animation software on Linux

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Hello friends, Today I am going to show you, how to install ENVE 2D Animation software on Ubuntu Operating System, this process also will work on any Debian Linux operating system such as Kali Linux, Parrot Security, Debian, and more. ENVE is free open-source software where you can create 2D Animations, logos and, it's available for Windows and Linux operating systems. So, gays if you are finding the best 2D Animation software for Linux operating Systems, ENVE is the best 2D Animation software.

Installation Process:-

Fast of all go to and simply click on Linux.


It will open another Github download page-
simply download the AppImage file-


After successfully completed simply move the software into Desktop for easy process.

then open the terminal and follow these commands.

 cd Desktop
 sudo chmod 777 enve-a01fe77-x86_64.AppImage

type your login password, then run the command -


Screenshot from 2021-05-05 01-41-15.png

within a few seconds, ENVE 2D Animation software will ready to use.

new one.png

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