A Bell or a Bomb or Something Else?

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Knowledge is power.
Secret knowledge is secret power.
Secret power is doubly effective as it works without anybody noticing!
(or so few as to ignore them)

Technocracy is based on secret knowledge.

eg, before cryptos, few people would have ever questioned the nature of money.

eg, most people remain deeply clueless about the damage done to them by synthetic pulsed electromagnetic signals.

Some knowledge is not just about who did what, where and when - some knowledge is about the nature of the universe. When that is hidden, the secret power can do almost anything to the ignorant masses.

Many such examples took place during and after World War II. One such story has been mystified into The Bell - a prototype antigravity UFO. The location is real, the research was real, the real research was deeply buried. But what was it?


Totally unsensational! just a guy looking for clues :-)

I mean... Nazi scientist becomes head of NASA and nobody blinked? But that's another story, though closely related.

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Very interesting. Maybe it’s all at Area 51 ... I’m watching the video now.

I once heard about military super-projects from the time of World War II, it seems that there were all kinds of things on all sides, but the losing group was the one that caught my attention, in terms of the development of the engines. propulsion, the development of electromechanical control systems, the development of long-range missiles, the development of quite effective communication encryption systems, the development of specific steel alloys for different applications, the development in the thanatological area of ​​medicine, although in the latter, human experimentation with prosioneros is something quite terrifying and repudiable.

I read the Bell project somewhere, I think it was classified as one of those projects that are very difficult to explain, like the one that is almost a legend that they tried to make a bomb that would be carried underground in a mine drilling deep, to destroy the whole world in case of losing the war ... I have no doubt that a weapons development plan could have been made in that sense, but I have no evidence that they actually did.

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