Day 26 / 100 Days Posting Challenge / Woman in silence = Danger

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A woman's silence is usually the desire of a man, who has no idea what that means. On many occasions, they put that torturing voice in the background and try to ignore the message, and others, with much less tact, usually demand it out loud or simply turn their backs and leave her talking to herself, feeding feelings of anger and pain with this. It is common to see scenes of this on TV, to hear it from conversations between men and to hear it from confidences between women.
In a couple's relationship, avoiding at all costs to listen to something that you don't like, is nothing more than wanting to run away from the situation, it is to give long to the possibility of solving what causes that noise, or to finish with the agony, if that was the case.

Although it is known that man, when faced with confrontation, usually flees to his cave; so is the fact that communication is fundamental in a relationship. If you feel that every word your partner utters irritates or hurts you, the way to solve it is: by talking, not by running away.

If you love her, you must be aware that a woman who cannot share her emotions with the one who decided to share her life, is a woman who slowly turns off, who may spend sleepless nights and cry often in solitude, who probably feels such strong pain in her soul that she cannot breathe.

When a woman persistently struggles to make herself heard on a topic, it is usually because she has not gotten a response. What would be appropriate? To continue to ignore her? Or to take the helm and give that discussion another direction? I think that life is too short to lose it in sterile moments that do not contribute and that take away our smile. Sometimes, it is only necessary to listen and put a little bit of will. It is also essential to respect and avoid hurting the susceptibility of others.

In my opinion, if someone does not feel fulfilled by the side of a person, the best thing is to face him/her with maturity, get out of that habit of living badly and give him/her the opportunity to be happy. No one has said that it is easy, but it is better than the option of giving up that possibility.

As for those who love, and simply for comfort they want that silence, I think it is good that they are aware that, when a woman changes the words for the absence of words, that woman stopped fighting, that woman renounced that chain, that woman waits for the end, with her arms crossed, with peace of mind.

To love is to listen to the silences

Have a beautiful day

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Hola @syllem como estas?? estoy empezando en blurt me podrias guiar a las bases de este constest, quisiera hacerlo ..


Hola @angelik-a, todo bien, gracias a Dios. Bienvenida a Blurt.
Este un concurso de 100 días que termina el 31 de diciembre, sus bases están aquí:
El detalle es que según esa publicación había una fecha límite para entrar y optar a los premios, igual si gustas puedes preguntarle a imransoudagar, que es el promotor.
Puedes participar también en otros concursos que hay, si buscas las publicaciones con la etiqueta blurtcontest, puedes hallar las opciones. Por ejemplo hay uno semanal de ilnegro llamado Contes of Contest, que es muy sencillo y él tiene otro en el que aún no he participado, que nunca termina.
También puedes preguntarle a @angelica7, para más orientación, ya que ella maneja la información mejor que yo.
Espero haberte podido ayudar, aunque sea un poco, cualquier cosa no dudes en preguntar.
Saludos cordiales.